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Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.

A Homeopathic Physician’s High And Only Mission Is To Restore The Sick To Health

Now, you no longer need to run around to get an appointment for Online Homeopathic Treatment, no more waiting in long queues at your doctor’s clinic. The services of an expert Homeopath will now be available for you at any time and any place that you desire with InHomeo.

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 InHomeo has an expert panel of doctors available for you to provide quality  homeopathic cure and care as is the  mission of the clinic.

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 I was suffering from profuse and painful  menses  which used to last for days together. When I consulted my gynecologist she said that I had bulky uterus & had to undergo hysterectomy. My Hemoglobin count was around 8 . One of my friends referred me to Dr Mrs Neeraj  . She gave me a medicines  to improve my Hb & also a constitutional remedy to get rid of my painful periods . My Hb improved after taking the medicines  & when I went back to my Gynecologist, she was surprised that my Hb% had improved from 8 to 11.5, she even did a retest to confirm it. After sometime my bleeding episodes also stopped & I am off homeo treatment for the past 1 year & totally symptom free. NEHA GUPTA AGE 35 YEARS


 I was suffering from left knee joint osteoarthritis for 10  years. My joints were so painful that I could not even go for my usual morning walk. After taking homeopathic treatment from NAINA HOMOEO CARE I was able to do my normal activities  and no I regularly doing morning walk .AASHA VERMA AGE 40YS HYDERABAD

Anil Kumar Upadhayay,AGM Ganga Kaveri Feeds Hydera



 I and my family would like to convey our sincere thanks to Dr. Sameer  because of his medications and treatment, our health has improved very much. He is very prompt, available by all means of communication (email, telephone call, Skype ,facebook) and which was very hard to find.We strongly recommend him as a family homoeopathic consultant and especially to NRI’s."--suhasini veigas canada 


 I was suffering from Psoriasis of the back and elbow  from the past many years. and there is great itching & scaling. After starting Homeopathic treatment with Dr.Sameer at Naina Homoeo Care , my itching and skin patches  has completely cleared .in 6 month .now i m greatly relieved .once again thanks to homoeopathy and many thanks to Dr Sameer And Dr neeraj.---SUBHAM Btech  STUDENT ,M.R.P GP OF INSTITUTE LUCKNOW 

SUBHAM Btech Student

 In all of my 39 yrs I had never believed in Homeopathy. But my jija ji  being a strong supporter of Homeopathy,introduced me to Dr Sameer on my lucknow visit when I was suffering from osteoarthritis  I took refuge in homoeopathy.

Initially I was a bit skeptical about the whole treatment as from childhood I had always believed that this science is nothing but sweet globules. But as my symptoms improved I slowly became a firm believer in homoeopathy. I am a total convert now. Whenever I don't feel well I just rush to Drsameer naina homoeo care .Now  I even get my whole family treatment at naina homoeo care .thanks to dr  sameer and thanks to homoeopathy.--Mrs Mamta Sinha Pune  Maharastra

Mrs Mamta Sinha Pune Maharastra

 I would like to inform and place on record my deepest thanks for curing  my wife\'s skin urticaria problem , which was persisting for more than two years. She had visited many skin speacialists, and had taken many  anti allergic treatments for prolonged periods without much relief. Your medicine has worked wonders and she is away from the urticaria  problem now.I wish and hope that your accumen in diagnosis and treatment benefitmany many more people and help them removing their sufferingsfrom this type of diseases.--Anil Agarwal Buisinessman Varanasi 

Mr Anil Agarwal Buisinessman Varanasi

 Dear Doctor, I am highly grateful for the dietary/health care I am getting from you and Dr Neeraj (I am her patient from last 3 years for my Heart ailment) your SMSes and now through Facebook.Hetting such care is GOD`s blessings and here of course through you. In my belief Homeopathy is spiritual and the spirituality speak of truth the only reality "THE ADVAITVAD" (NONDUALISM) PRINCIPLE OF VEDS. Thare no second but the truth only. So at this age of 65 I am very pleased to get this GODly care. Thanks again with all blessings. .........Umesh mishra


Mr Umesh Mishra Retd Exec Engineer

  I was being diagnosed as Hypothyroidism and high cholesterol high Triglycerides, so I referred to Naina Homoeo Care by one of my best friend  and went to Dr.Neeraj who treated me by homeopathic medicines and now after 3 - 4 months my levels are in range. Thanks to homeopathic medicines and as a ditiecian Dr Neeraj advised me proper diet to cope up with this problem .Neeru Mehrotra LIC Of  India 

Mrs Neeru Mehrotra LIC Of India

 Thanks doctor for treating my problem of irregular menses. All praise goes to you for your encouragement for proper diet,lifestyle  and exercise along with  homoeopathic medicines. thanks to homoeopathy . Ankita

Ankita MBA Student Lucknow

The constant sneezing and frequent cold attacks from allergic rhinitis had started affecting my work very badly. I needed help. Thankfully, I get treatment at his In Homeo. Now, I am working freely with high confidence.

Ms. N. H., US

Our son Michalis who is receiving homeopathic treatment from you since 11 days, has a better mood, looks better, is 1 cm taller & weighs 1.5 kg more than last time, has more vitality and needs less sleep. We are very thankful to you for helping him.

Parents of Michalis G, Greece
I am very happy to say that my autistic son is now able to carry on with his school activities with normal energy levels. He is now playing rugby and participating in a drama class where he was complimented on being a good singer.
Shelly Boyce, Mother of Zach Boyce, Finland
Both my children have taken treatment since they were 4 years old. He has cured both of them of their Asthma completely. I have great faith in InHomeo. May God bless you!!
Shelly Carresco, India

I would like to thank whose In Homeo have given complete relief to both my children. My son was cured of his sinusitis and my daughter no longer gets recurrent ear infections. Both now attend school regularly.

Ms. H. M., Jamaica
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